ALAWA: Algonquin name meaning pea



4 thoughts on “Alawa

  1. Wow. I saw it on MS, but I don’t log in there much. I gave it the thumbs up on FB. I told Deb to hurry and look at it. Even though that shade of green usually makes me grimace when I first saw this piece I said WOW. How smart you are to mix these two colors. This is a terrific piece.

  2. Thanks Carol!! (I prefer comments here anyway 😉 )Yeah the 2 colors are sketchy, but together and enhanced..yeah I think I did some justice on this one LOL It was one of those projects that just flew together, I swear by itself and went quick to boot LOL It looks real nice in person! Need to get more pics and post on Etsy later.

  3. Christina !!! I love this !!! you are so on the money with color choice… is that a peyote rope? OMG I want this one… better get my beep in gear selling…

    When Carol wins the lottery we are flying you and all your bead stuff somewhere with us so we can spend a WEEK just playing with beads…

    Love, Deb

  4. Thanks Deb! The rope is odd count peyote…my FAVE!! It is done with 15’s. Can you just imagine a week playing with beads and cool friends?? What fun!!

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