Coffee Surfing

Every morning I surf around with my coffee looking for inspiration and catching up on email.  I thought I would start to share the places I go every morning.  I love my coffee time!

This morning I had an email from someone I met at the Sturbridge show. She asked me about a pattern and if I knew who designed it and also asked me about a vendor at the show.  Fortunately, I was able to answer both questions.

She sells huge chunky gemstones and they are super cool. I have yet to buy anything from her and wanted a pic from the show, but Dave didn’t get that far.  Her name is Deb and she is a fun vendor to work next to!

The next question was about a reversible herringbone bangle. She sent me a pic and I knew EXACTLY who the designer was.  Ruby of course! It was the pattern for this:

If you are not familiar with Ruby then you should become familiar! She designs fabulous work and gives all her designs away for free on her website. She does take donations!!

I checked in on my Twitter and poked around. I found lushbeads on there yesterday and decided to ‘follow’ her and she is not far from me.  She has a link to a blog that looks really fun! Boston Handmade!

I then popped into Starving Jewelry Artists Forum and Blog and checked to see who all is on the huge long list of

Etsy SATEAM members. There are some spectacular artists in there!!

Then I ended up on my friend, Cindy’s blog. She was working in metals when I met her and switched over to seed beading.  She is a multi-talented lady! I met her in person 3 years ago in Danbury at a Bead Fiesta and have pics posted of her and her husband somewhere on this blog, originally I had met her on Cagey Crafters forum, which is now Starving Jewelry Artists.  She blames me for getting back into seed beading LOL Check out her blog if you haven’t!  She also just won the Use The Muse contest!! She’s a great person! I am mad at her though for moving to California!! Not fair, cause I had just met her and she wasn’t all that far away! Now I have 2 friends to visit in CA!

Well, enough surfing for this morning, I have a piece calling to me. I am dreaming up a possible contest too BTW!! We’ll see….stay tuned hehehe


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