3 New Kit Listings

If you haven’t seen my other Etsy shop yet, go here:


I just listed the Fringed ‘V’ Necklace Kit & Pattern, Godiva Bracelet Kit & Pattern and Diamonds Bracelet Kit & Pattern.

Yes, I do have lots more to add. I have vowed to keep adding with my morning coffee. Dave has gone off for the week to Bethel to work. I am already missing him! My oldest daughter turns 16 tomorrow!! That just seems wrong! She will have a surprise at the end of the week. Don’t dare say much in case she reads this LOL Doubtful, but you know my luck..  😉

Ok enough chit chat…I have a friend to appease…ummm Carol! Tease, tease…you should see my piece hahaha Think out of my regular box!! Can you do that? Do I even have a ‘reguar box’? hmmm I think I am going to be naming it ‘STELLAR’ hahahaha…think Carly Simon…anticipa-a-tion is making you wait… hahaha


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