Thrill of the Day

I found a web cam in Belfast (I said Bethel in a previous post..I goofed up!) where Dave is working. He humored me and went out to it so I could see him. I took a screen shot of him while he was giving me the ‘I love you’ sign hehehe Still working diligently on my piece. It is going to be so awesome. I cannot wait to be done because I then have like 4 pieces lined up and ready to go, actually make that 5!!!



5 thoughts on “Thrill of the Day

  1. Only you would think to hunt down a web cam and have Dave find it and you take his pic while he is sending you the sign while he is talking on the phone to you. Great Stuff!

  2. LMAO! Yeah only me Carol! Actually he is staying right there at that hotel..and on the ‘ocean side’ of the that was a fluke! LOL Found a webcam at the restaurant he ate at last night too, but he didn’t eat there tonight. Hey gotta keep an eye on my precious lover! Plus I miss him immensely! Call me a baby! Almost 7 years and I love him more every day!

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