‘Stellar’ is coming along very nicely! I crossed the ‘hump’ and it is looking very rich and lush…to me anyway LOL I am hoping to close in on it between today and tomorrow.  I CANNOT wait to put the finishing embellishments! That is the part I anticipate the most!

I had some bummer news this morning. Dave has to go away all next week too for his job. Yeah, I will have him all for myself over the weekend, but it is a busy weekend already.  So what can I do…sigh…I know ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’..I don’t see how that is possible with our relationship.  I miss him on a regular day when he close by.  It is amazing how,  after almost 7 years, I love him more every day! Many relationships grow stale after ‘x’ amount of years and ours grows closer and closer! Inseparable!

Be looking for a pic really soon!


One thought on “Update

  1. That’s the way Terry and I are. Sometimes if I am not in the Living Room I hear him call WHERE ARE YOU? Duh! The house is pretty small. I couldn’t have gone too far! But it’s nice to be this close. It gets better and better, I agree.

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