Thunderbird Amulet

Here is a freebie just for you. “Giving back” Hope you like it!! Just click on image (2 different times) and it will print out regular page size.

Thunderbird AmuletAs some of you know, from Facebook,  Dave and I had a great time, despite the ‘challenges’ we were given.  Thankfully, we are generally used to living in the ‘shit happens’ mode!! 😉 I have made several strung pieces and some earrings getting ready for the Memorial day weekend Pow Wow. I know I don’t ‘string’ jewelry, but in this instance, I believe it is called for.  I need quicker sellers and more ‘organic’ pieces.  I hope they go over ok..we shall see.  Anyone want pics?

I have Bead Fiesta this weekend!! YAY!!!!!! I love my ‘home state’ show!! I have to work on more kits over the next few days. For whatever reason, I do not feel like I am on frantic mode this week. I guess I have just given in to being human and am going at a pace that I can live with without having a heart attack or stroke LOL

I apologize for not more frequent entries. I have felt pretty sullen lately and starting to feel very isolated with Dave out of town every week. One more week after this one, we shall see, I have a stinking feeling it is going to be even more. ..sigh Have a terrific day and if anyone makes my amulet design, please send me a pic or a link to the pic..I will post on my website!!


8 thoughts on “Thunderbird Amulet

  1. Your patterns are so awesome… I still have the ones you sent me awhile back… gorgeous…
    Chin up about Dave being gone… I know it’s tough. At least you can feel really positive about doing so many shows… wish I were there we would create lots of beautiful things together… (or get absolutely nothing done!!!) Hugz!!!

  2. HA Rob, you and Chris together? Fire and Fuel!!
    Cool amulet! Glad your shows are going so well. We always knew you’d be busier than sh** once you got rollin. Watch out, its gonna get faster!


    • LMAO @ fuel and fire! Well we are both air..I know.. Dave is fire, we will fan his flame hehehe
      From your mouth to someone’s ears about getting faster..hehehe Lots of shows, now bring on the cash 😉

  3. Christina…. So glad you posted this, its beautiful… T-Brd is Cody’s handle… will have to make it…

    OF COURSE WE WANT PICS !!!! hello….

    Love, Deb

    • OK Deb, I sent you the pics…and I want a good one of the amulet. I bet I do it before ya though 😉

  4. You are right about that… I am afraid to even begin setting up the loom… looks hard… but once I do… I think they would go faster than weaving… BTW unable to print your pattern… can you send the file direct ???

    pretty please : )

    Also I love the pics… thanks !!!!!

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