Bead Fiesta Maine

Good morning everyone!! Had a fabulous time again this weekend!! I know, I say that every time, but I have a blast every time LOL If none of you have been to a Bead Fiesta, you are missing out, although I know it is like not within drive of many of my readers, but if you are local to New England, there is NO excuse LOL  Next stop is Nashua New Hampshire, July 18 & 19th!!! Thank you to all my students (I want photos when you 2 are done your bead embroideries!!) and thank you to all my customers!!! and for those of you Mainers!! There is going to be another Bead Fiesta, same location in October!!!!

MY next stop is a Pow Wow in Charlemont, MA this weekend. I am hoping that is does not end up a calamity again this weekend LOL Fingers are indeed crossed!! I will be there Saturday thru Monday. I have been working really hard on making things Pow Wow suitable, aka quicker sellers.  I am kind of excited to get back to my regular type of work, although I am having fun stringing and such.

This is Dave’s ‘supposed’ last week away. I am hoping so, it is starting to mess me up and I almost cried yesterday when I couldn’t open a jar of spaghetti sauce LOL It was on really tight and he would have even had a hard time, but you know..  😉

I may indulge you with some photos today, we’ll see. The work is just quick stuff, but some of you may be interested.  Have a terrific day today everyone!!!


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