Pow Wow Weekend

Good morning! I hope everyone had a fantastic and safe weekend! I had a blast, but am very grateful to be home with a bathtub and my bed! I don’t mind camping out, but you know, there are definitely pros and cons to it LOL I didn’t do too badly, but for sure was hoping for more. I have to give in to the fact that it is not quite summer yet. This weekend is making me change my schedule up a bit and Dave and I have decided that we are only going to do the 3 day weekends and not all the Pow Wow’s. My schedule indicates that I have another one in 3 weeks, but I am going to fix that because we decided it is just a tad too difficult and not worth going for just the 2 day Pow Wow’s.  We took our camera but neglected to use it. I will take pics for the 4th of July weekend, I promise!!

My next show is this coming Saturday at the Community Center, 53 Depot Road in Freeport, Maine!! Click here to read more:


Honestly, I will be very glad to have a few weeks off after this next weekend!! The show after that is at the end of June in Norton, MA. Winslowshire Renaissance Faire! I am super excited about that one. I will have a month to buy canvas and make my pop up cover!! I have to conform to the ‘spirit’ amd ‘era’!!Here is their website:


I found myself in a Treasury while I was out of town!! Thank you so much Hawkwolf!!! He does BEAUTIFUL chain maille!

Treasury 18

I do have alot of photos to take, but have been way too lazy to take them lately, plus tired. I have been on the go-go-go schedule LOL I will get to them as soon as i can get myself together a bit.

I hurt my shoulder pretty good last night (thankfully AFTER we got home and unloaded the car!) and was unable to sleep on my fave side all night, so I am still out of sorts, tired-wise. I was loudly saying ow ow ow and whining when I hurt my shoulder and Dave is like what happened..you ok?? Ever have sooo much pain and someone is asking you what is wrong from another room and it hurts so bad you can’t even stop wincing to tell them. …here’s a clue, just go find out LOL  Ok, off too see if I can lift my bead table and unfold it and get it back where it needs to go..hope so! I need to get back to work! Have a fab day and will start posting more regularly once I finish the 5 shows in 5 weekends gig 😉


One thought on “Pow Wow Weekend

  1. Wow you are having a crazy LIFE right now. Glad you’re selling. I’ll say you have a lot of guts to be camping out at a pow wow. We have one in the county park 2 blocks from me on the first weekend of May every year. No, not a pow wow, a Rendezvous. Its pretty cool, much like a pow wow. But, the weather is ALSWAYS crappy on that weekend. Always.

    Good luck for he next 5, and hope your shoulder feels better quick.

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