Winslowshire Renaissance Faire

Tell me I am not excited!! I had grand plans tomake a new cover for my tan colored canopy, but the stupid wallet won’t let me! I am not talking about ‘Dave the Wallet’, as he fondly refers to himself 😉 I have been trying to think up some ways to kick up my sales, so I can do this, but alas, the brain is dry, except of course for beading ideas!

This Ren Faire is going to be alot of fun! There are 30 or 30+ vendors so far and it sounds like alot is going to be going on. I am adding a pic of their cool! I found out yesterday too, there is a blog:

Winslowshire Flyer

I do have to shorten my skirt beforehand. The one I made for last year was way too long.  I am also hoping it is not like way too hot the last weekend of this month. My clothes were sewn for Fall and no time to change that either. LOL

On the home front, I am working on a 3 bead net of Russian origin. It is super beautiful. I am working it up in black, red and oxidized silver…yes in 15’s!! It would look beautiful in 11’s, which I am sure was original, but it would be a larger size, because even with the 15’s it is a nice size. I plan on working on this for the bulk of today and finishing asap. I did make 3 pairs of cab earrings this early weekend. 2 of them are just plain and bezeled, the other pair couldn’t help getting some fringe hahaha as many of mine can’t help.

I would also like to thank Jewlie Beads for the Treasury she put me in!!! She is on my SATeam with Etsy


Another thank you to Suzanne Cooper for adding my blog link in her fabulous newsletter!! I just LOVE her work!! I really want to buy some of her mandala and amulet patterns! They are so beautiful! and of course she is the creator of the Really, Really Round Flat Peyote, which I am still real curious about!!

Off to the beading table for some 3 bead netting!! 😉 Have a fab day!


2 thoughts on “Winslowshire Renaissance Faire

  1. Suzanne, you leaving ME a comment makes MY day!! You are a beader I have looked up to since I started beading!! I am honored and very flattered! The fact that I am also one of a few you have linked on your blog thrills me all the time! HUGS!!

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