TGIF & Treasury

I swear I am always a day late and a dollar short LOL Every time I get a great idea, someone does it moments before me. I have had a list for a Treasury made for several days for cuff bracelets and keep missing the Treasury openings on Etsy. The other day I waited and waited and had 20 mins left, then I got beading and spaced it….missed it by like 10 mins!!! How aggravating is that??!! So this morning I look on Craftopolis to see if I am in a Treasury and lo and behold!! I am!!! CUFF bracelets!! I do have to say though…not one was the one I was going to yay! Now to keep waiting for an opening LOL

Thank you Readesign for putting me in your Treasury!!

Treasury 20

Tomorrow night my son is having his second CD release party with is band, The Project Seven, aka TPVII. I am very excited to see how much turnout he is going to get. I am thinking and hearing that ALOT of people are going to be there!! I am so proud of my Nick! I hope he gets to the big stage real soon! He is a phenominal self taught bass player and he is the youngest manager ever for Daddy’s Junky Music, a New England based music store! He manages their Portsmouth, NH store and he will be 26 this September.  My other son, Bren,  is a phenominal computer dude! I am holding out all my pride for the day he says he is going to Full Sail University now (he will be 23 in October). He wants to go there to do 3D animation.  Full Sail is in Orlando and it is a media/vocational school.  Pixar Studios tends to hire right out of there!How cool would that be to go to a Civic Center to watch my son’s band on the barracade and to go to the movies to see my other son’s name roll down the credits at a Disney movie??!! Hey, a Mom can dream! It’s what I do best!!

A reminder in every blog post until the event!


Gia has been doing a fab job of marketing the Faire online and in her area of Boston!! Be sure to stop by the BLOG for the very latest going’s on!!

I am so excited to see a perennial we planted last year came up this year and gave us about a dozen blooms! We bought it at Walmart and crossed our fingers! LOL Here are a couple pics of our Clematis!! What beautiful big and showy flowers they have!

Clematis 2

Clematis 3

Can’t wait to see next year!

For those of you who use Facebook! Feel free to click on my link to the right and add me!

On the beading front, I am expecting a package from Marsha Hedrick any day now!! She makes beautiful porcelain items!!! I met her in Deviant Art and she said she loved my work and asked me if I would work up some of her new product!! She is making a new line of hand painted porcelain cabs! I was very honored because her work is loved by many!!!

Marsha posted some of the cabs she has made in her Facebook page. I am very excited and hope I can give her the finished work she is hoping for!! I have many ideas, now that I am able to see them! So excited!!

That’s it for now..I think. Have a wonderful weekend and be safe! I think today, I will bead. I did absolutely nothing important yesterday!!


One thought on “TGIF & Treasury

  1. Wow lots of news there…

    Congrats to Nick and the band… way to go. Good luck to Bren. That would be very cool. And keep on dreaming mom… its great for the soul !!

    Beautiful flowers…

    Can’t wait to see what you do with those cabs… wonder what she is sending you…

    Carol and I received packages in the mail yesterday from Scarlett Lanson. We are doing the Muse… I talked her into it… I thought it would be fun…

    Lots to tell will email you today hopefully..

    Love, Deb

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