Green Dragon

After a rather uneventful week and not much work done, except mundane household stuff, I have finished a new piece. This piece is called ‘Green Dragon’, appropriately so and for a lack of anything better swirling around in my mind LOL  I spent so much time trying to make it different hat my usual thing, I didn’t take time during the assembling process to think of anything cool to name it. The cab is made by Marsha Hedrick, the first of 14 cabs I have to work on. Her website is Amazing Porcelain and you can purchase more of her outstanding work at her website. I will need to get far better pics of this next week, when the sun may or may not come out, for now I do know it is supposed to rain until next Monday.

Green Dragon 1

Green Dragon 2

Green Dragon 3



Click the banner to take you to the Winslowshire website for more info!!


5 thoughts on “Green Dragon

  1. This is absolutely gorgeous! Surprised I missed it on Facebook, but a friend just linked me to this post because she knew I’d love it.

    Beautiful work!

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