Post Renaissance Faire

Hyvää huomenta-Good Morning in Finnish!! Thought I would share some photos with you from the Winslowshire Renaissance Faire that I was a vendor at last weekend. We had a fantastic time and intend on doing this venue again next year as well! The first night was a tad late when we got there, so we just set up our canopy real quick and thwarted mosquitoes!! We slept in the back of the Subaru the first night..take a note from us, do not do that!! (unless you have TONS of padding underneath you!) I didn’t think I was going to be able to walk all day Saturday LOL Do you know how loud a noise peacocks make?? Peacocks, roosters (the 4am variety!) and donkeys kept me awake for the bulk of that night as well. As a result, the next night in our tent and air mattress, I was so darned tired I heard nothing until the 4am rooster!! We were out cold at 8:30 Saturday night!! LOL

I have a Slideshow of the event available for viewing here:

I have been working on my website the last few days and will again today.  I am also waiting for an interview to be published today. ..I think. I will post that as soon as I hear back.  Psyched!!

Next stop—->Bead Fiesta Nashua, NH!! YAY!!! As much fun as I have been having at local shows, Ren Faires and Pow Wow’s, I am for sure anxious for another Bead Fiesta!!!

I have some ideas I am thinking about while I work on my website. I also have to work on the porcelain cabochons I received from Marsha Hedrick and have a set of cabs I need to work up for TorchSongs and Kim V as well….need to get these finished up asap! So be looking for some new work hopefully by this weekend!

Näkemiin-Finnish for good bye


3 thoughts on “Post Renaissance Faire

  1. Hyvää huomenta to you too Christina… My grandfather was 100% Finn and I heard a lot of hellos and goodbye and church services in Finnish as a child.. Brings back memories. I am trying to remember a phrase he always said… I’ll have to ask my mom.

    So you didn’t say how the show went sales wise… a good one I am assuming as you said you are doing it again. Ren Faires are lots of fun… we have one locally but I haven’t been in a long time… since my 20’s I am thinking… LOL Great pics…

    Love, Deb

    • You are Finn?? OMG!! wild! My Dad is 100%, which in turn makes me 1/2 LOL

      Sales weren’t as great as I had dreamed they would be!! Well under 200, which pays for the space (80) and gas to get there and eating out..oh wait…that makes me minus money LOL Usually it takes a few times to establish, so something is better than nothing and they are so much fun!

      Your ice bracelet is super pretty!! Did you do the edging? I couldn’t quite tell, but I am thinking you didn.t.

  2. Hey Christina,

    Thank you so much for posting the pictures and of course vending at Winslowshire! I am glad you guys enjoyed yourself.

    Great post!

    Tee hee, thanks for sharing (how do you say that in Finnish..wait, I married Phinn, does that make me Phinnish?lolol)

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