Jabber Jaw here

I had a fantastic time at the Nashua Bead Fiesta!! I had been missing the shows that ‘gave me my start’! It had been a few months since the last one, so I was having some withdrawals!

Over the weekend, as time allowed, I recruited some of my friends for prizes to donate for the Beading Contest I am having. I made a page for the prizes, which I am sure will grow!! Prize list HERE. I have KimV Glass, MacArts and Badger’s Beads lined up so far!!  Kim and Bev (MacArts) are donating a beautiful piece of their glass lampwork!! CJ of Badger’s Beads donated a gorgeous barrette loom worked in 22 seed beads (I need to take good pic as soon as the sun comes out). I have Bead Biz and Basically Beads possibly lined up as well. Keep it coming my friends! 😉

I have had some waves of brain activity gearing towards next year’s Fire Mountain Gems contest. Bev gave me a beautiful lamp worked bead a year or so ago and I am just now thinking of the best way to work it up..and by George, I think I’ve got it (British accent inserted here) . I compiled a shopping list for the beads yesterday, I am pretty excited for this one!!

So, as some of you know from Facebook, when we arrived home Sunday night, we found our computer unresponsive!!! Come to find out 2 chips in the hard drive melted through the hard drive, I was unable to pay for the data back from the hard drive, it was toast! So we rented one for a week while the other one is in the shop! So I am going to have to do things several times on this rental and the repaired comp!

I was featured in a Treasury last week from Jewelry Tales (my friend Cindy)

Treasury 23

I have the Strawberry Festival this weekend in Farmington, Maine. I am really excited about this!! My son and his girlfriend are going with us and I am meeting up with my beautiful niece, Alanah, who currently goes to college there. We are going to go to Outskirts Vintage Clothing and rent clothes, then go to my Mom’s house (circa 1700’s) and take photos there and at the waterfalls down the street.  Dave has some fantastic photo ideas!!

I am not sure how much I will accomplish this week.  Tonight Dave and I have to build a 12′ x 8′ storage unit up next to our house, so my son can move in! We have to clear off our porch so we can make it into a bedroom! We had planned this more or less anyway, so now is the time LOL  He has to be out by next Wednesday of his apartment, so busy week!!

Have a mahhhhvelous day everyone!


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