How Nice!

I had absolutely NO idea I had been awarded this and in my poking around/looking for inspiration, I ran across an award I had been given (back in January!) !! I am so excited to be a source of inspiration!! Thank you so much!


Now, who shall I bestow?? There are MANY!!!

I met Robynne in My Space and we have been friends for several years and still have yet to meet. Robynne inspires me daily in many ways and is a very supportive friend, professionally and personally.


I met Carol on My Space too and she has been a fantastic friend and very uplifting in my life experiences and has a great listening ear!! I can also say the same of Carol being a very supportive friend, professionally and personally!


and one more friend I have met on My Space! Deb. We have music in common as well as beading and she has also been a superb friend! I can also say the same of her being a very supportive friend, professionally and personally!


and last, but NEVER least is my friend Linda. I met her in Starving Jewelry Artist forum, when it was Cagey Crafters.  She lives real close to me and our sweeties have trains in common..boys will be boys LOL We have beads in common. Linda is primarily a stringer, but I am trying to convert her entirely to a seed beader haha not sure how successful I will be in that LOL  She has been a fab friend as well  in all respects! If she had a blog (clearing throat), she could post this…so I shall give you her Etsy link:


I met Szilvia in DeviantArt quite a while ago. She does fabulous wire work and I love her ‘gothic flair’!!


I also met Ivona on DeviantArt. I fell in love with her seed bead work immediately!!


I don’t know Liliad, but I have adored her work from afar!!


I do know Cindy, she was doing gorgeous silver work when I met her. We met in a forum, the one before Cagey Crafters, it has since closed. Cindy has been to several of my Bead Fiesta shows, then ditched me to move to California!! NOT FAIR!! LOL

In any case, I have seen much much to be inspired by, thanks to the Internet!! I thought I would just pick a few that have been around for the longest.


6 thoughts on “How Nice!

  1. Aw I love you too… Thanks !!! You have been very supportive and helpful… everytime I ask… you are always there to encourage and push me to new horizons…

    Love, Deb

  2. Well, what a wonderful surprise! Thank you so much for mentioning me. You are very deserving of this award. You know what a big fan I am. Even though I am an amateur beader, you have always taken a moment to give me undivided attention and assistance when needed. You under estimate your energy in this universe and the inspiration that you give to others. YOU are an inspiration.

    XX, Carol

  3. Thanks Chris… I’ve come to look forward to talking to you each day and my day doesn’t seem complete until we chat for a few minutes… I am looking forward to this fall when we can actually meet for reals!!! I can’t wait… You are a strong and amazing woman, always taking one more step even when you think you can’t and I am in constant awe of you and your talents… thanks so much for keeping me going through times when I thought I couldn’t, and thanks for not letting me give up on my beadwork… at the very least… I owe “The Arctic Princess” in great part… to you.

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