I haven’t posted for a while. My personal life has been topsy turvy with my Son moving in and then right out and all the fun stuff that goes with that!

Danbury CT Bead Fiesta show was a huge success! Thank you so much Danbury!! I sold many many pieces of jewelry this show and that always makes me happy and not feel guilty about constantly adding to my table!!

I have a custom barrette I am working on, or several. I said I would make up more than one for options for my customers, which is great cause I am suddenly low on them! The first one I have goin gis with a chunk of Boulder Opal I have had for a while. Dave LOVES it!

I have a few new patterns coming down the pike as well. I have been asked to teach some classes at Bead Fiesta The Shoppe for the first weekend of September. I have a few new ideas I need to make up quickly so she can post it on their website! One is a new pair of earrings and one is a gorgeous channeled bracelet, I think you will all love alot!! I have one all done except the clasp, I need to get in town!! I should take a pic for all of you in the meantime! Maybe tomorrow 😉

So that is all the very latest! Next show is Cape Cod Bead Show in Falmouth, MA, August 15/16.  I will be sharing a table with Bead’s Nest!! YAY!!


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