Boulder Opal Barrette

I just finished this barrette for a custom order, but it is not going to be one that my customer likes! Sometimes pieces just take a mind of their own as you go. This is actually the second one I have made for him that has taken wrong, but good, turns LOL  This one looks way way nicer in person. The fire polish crystals kept picking up a red tinge, which they will in bright light, but when you look at in regular light, they look nice and brown like the root beer seed beads! In any case, it is going up for sale, no matter.

Bouldar Opal Barrette 81009

I have alot to do this week. I have a show this weekend in Falmouth, MA!! The Cape Cod Bead Show!! I will be sharing a table with The Bead’s Nest!!

I still need to work on classes for Bead Fiesta The Shoppe. We had a crazy weekend as usual, so I did not get to that.



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