Cape Cod et al

Tons to tell and I just haven’t felt like typing the last few days! I think it may be the heat or the overwhelming-ness of all I have to do. I had a blast in Cape Cod this weekend, despite the horrible heat and no A/C! We stayed with Sandy of The Bead’s Nest and her hospitality saved us a fortune and to her we are VERY grateful! I snagged another of her lampwork beads to work up and I have already decided it will be a free form piece. Wait and see! Her work is very gorgeous and I highly recommend buying pretties from her here:

I have been invited to be a vendor for Terri of Funky Stuff Beads and the Divine Bead Festival. I was invited to the Long Island show for this coming October 4th, but I am going to have to decline for this year unfortunately. It is just too last minute for my comfort level. I am going to see about doing several of her shows for next year though. I was very honored and more than thrilled to be invited though!! Next year’s schedule will tell.

I picked up some beads from Bead Biz for the collaboration charity auction they sponsor. They gave me some beads from their table, I kick in the rest and design a piece that gets auctioned or sold. The money then goes to a charity: Craft Relief and Education Fund

I am going to be teaching at Bead Fiesta The Shoppe Labor Day weekend. Go to their site for details. I still have to get a photo to her for one of the classes. The class will be ( I hope) with Toho Galvanized Permanent Finish beads. I ordered a bunch today in silver and gold!! YAY!! It will look like this:

Channeled Bracelet and I still need to finish this LOL

I just did finish this new piece as well. Kala, in Sanskrit meaning  ‘the fine arts’

Kala 1

This piece was done with an enameled ball and solid brass filigree rings from Earthly Adornments

I was recently in an Etsy Treasury!! I would like to give a huge thanks to Marie Fly Fly!!

Treasury 25

I also bought this past weekend some really cool pearls and stuff from Talisman Beads and J & M Gems ‘n’ Things. Of course the websites do not have all the cool stuff you can see in person…that’s for sure! These are the goodies I bought!

Picture 068

Picture 070

Picture 071

Picture 072

I bought these from Kandu Beads in Danbury!

Picture 067

on a personal note! Dave took this photo in Cape Cod this weekend:

Picture 058 vivid and on a cute note here are our 2 babies, about 6 weeks old and to wiggly for pics!



Also, here are a few pics from the Strawberry Festival. My set-up (Dave put one table too far back–oh well) BEFORE the place got packed!

Straw Fest

Customers that drove all the way from South Paris to see me and bought a lot too, as you can see!)!!


So, I think this blog post is very plentiful today!! Do not forget my BEADING CONTEST!!!

ALSO!! Bead Fiesta Marlborough, MA August 28/29!!

EDIT: I try to remember everything I am supposed to do, but I keep forgetting to thank Emma from Glitter Glow Beading for the award she gave to me!!Premio_Meme_Award

The rules for the Premio Meme Award are simple. List seven facts about yourself and pass the award to seven worthy bloggers. So here we go!

1. I met my babe on the internet!

2. I have 4 kids (Nick, 25; Bren, 22; Sonja, 16; Bianca, 9), 5 cats (Spanky, Alfalfa, Darla, Missy, Helmet) and a dog (Zippy).

3. I love metal music and refuse to grow up LOL

4. I HATE cleaning!! REALLY hate it!! (but I do it anyway, but as needed–I have better things to do!)

5. I am not a very organized person, I am trying though!

6. I love my hair! That seems silly to say, but it is past my waist and blonde and mildly wavy and I love it! My last best feature as I age! LOL

7. I need to lose about 100 lbs! We should have a beader’s butt challenge of some sort!!

NOW, passing this on– I bequeath:









2 thoughts on “Cape Cod et al

  1. Hey, thanks Christina. You are WAY too busy for me. I love the work you’re doing and COVET some of your new beads!!! I gotta check those hands out.

    Thanks for the award. EVERYONE knows I like to talk about me!!

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