Way back…well 3 1/2 years ago, was my very first Bead Fiesta!! It was in Sturbridge, MA and I remember it was pretty cold out and yes, there was snow. I went into the show early to set up my few things. I didn’t have a table at that time, but my classes were being held near the entrance for all the customers. I laid my work on the table and crossed my fingers. I was so nervous and wide eyed, like a little kid, and unsure about everything. Dave and I talked and kept to ourselves. Another teacher approached me and introduced herself. Her name is Deb Saucier. I forget now what she was teaching. She was very nice and kept my nerves at bay. I saw her again at a few shows after the initial one and haven’t seen her for several years now.

She owns and runs a shop, The Bead and Wire Shop on the border of MA & RI, in Seekonk.  I am thinking she was just opening shop when I met her. In any case, I called her yesterday with an inquiry. She called me back later yesterday afternoon and it was so cool because I hadn’t spoken to her in ages and had fond memories of her in our few fleeting moments when we worked at Bead Fiesta. In any case, I found out yesterday that she is an ‘Ambassador’ for Swarovski-Create-Your-Style. I just thought this was pretty cool, so thought I would give her a blog plug.


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