Marlborough, MA Bead Fiesta

Hi everybody, a week later! 😉 I am just now uploading my table display for the Marlborough, MA Bead Fiesta. The show didn’t start out so great, due to some stupid ‘I can’t say ‘no’ issues, but it sure ended with a bang and a huge lesson learned! (don’t say yes to watching anyone else’s table when you have your own table AND teach at shows–trust me they cannot pay you enough!!) I sold a lot of finished jewelry, which more than thrilled me because I have many great excuses to make more!!  It is going to be a very beady winter!! Anyway, this weekend we are off to Sterling, MA to possibly teach some classes at Bead Fiesta The Shoppe and will have all of my jewelry in tow (in case anyone wants to buy anything 😉 You can look at their website to see what exactly I am teaching! I will also have all my beads in tow and get to hang out with some of my dearest friends!! Bev & Mike of MacArts!! How cool is that??!! I will elaborate when we get home Sunday evening, or more likely, Monday morning LOL Here is a pic of my table set-up after Dave took down my wall of kits LOL



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