Once Upon A Time

Here is my new barrette for the custom order. I made this one more to the specifics they wanted, so hopefully this one will work out. If not, I am in trouble because I need more clips and will have to order and that may take too long. I called this ‘Once Upon A Time’ because it looks fairytale-ish to me 😉

Once Upon A Time Barrette

The pic was also taken in my new light tent gifted to me by Bev of MacArts. She and her husband are such incredibly awesome people!!

I have started a Facebook page for Bead Fiesta. It is a Fan Page, so go ‘become a fan‘!!!!!

I also received my first entry for the Haute Couture Beading Contest! It is from Ronit Florence and I put it on one image so you could see which one she used for inspiration.

Haute Couture Entry #1

I can’t wait to see more entries and I will post them as they arrive. They will be judged locally to be fair and not online, so posting them as they arrive will be fun and maybe inspire some of you to enter!!

The Whole Bead Show will be near to me in no time at all…Providence, RI!!  I wish I could go!! I have never been to another bead show besides Bead Fiesta before…go figure LOL

I have been ‘gathering’ for a while now for some big projects coming up..so stay tuned!!

On a personal note, I have opted out of doing the Cornish Apple Festival. We got some great news yesterday that Dave’s Mom and Stepdad are driving up from Oklahoma for a visit and it turns out to be that very weekend. we haven’t seen them in 3 years so we are very excited! My Mom and Stepdad will also be home from Brussels, Belgium for a month and it is also at that same time, so they will be able to meet finally!! Dave and I have been together for 7+ years and this opportunity may never happen again, as my parents are forever in Europe it seems for my Stepdad’s job.

I have some serious updating to do on my website, so I will start that next week. When the computer hard drive melted and came back ‘repaired’, I had to reinstall my Sitebuilder and anyone who reads this blog knows that I have trouble with that because it takes all my internal links out and it is a grueling process to put them all back!! Several days of broken back and swollen ankles LOL  So I shall get back to that asap!

I would also like to point you in this direction:


There is some great business information available and if you are in small biz, you should defintely check this out!

I think that is all for now. I haven’t been blogging as much as usual, but things will change with that because alas, Fall is here! Have a fabulous day!! Oh and I have been given permission to start a blog for Bead Fiesta, so stay tuned on that as well 😉


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