Celebrating 2 Year Blog!

I would like to thank everyone who has supported this blog for 2 years! I started this blog on Sept 15th 2007. I had run one before that, but was having many problems with Yahoo hosting my blog, so I went outside of Yahoo for a more permanent space.  In thanks, I would like to offer up a ‘Thank You’  gift! I will make a pair of my signature quill earrings (with sterling hooks!) in the colors of your choice to the Winner! I would like all, that would like to enter, to leave a comment on this blog with their color selection preference.  (Overseas welcome as well!) I will randomly draw a name (from a hat) on Tuesday at 5PM!! (will mail out that following Friday)The color quills I have to chose from are:




Deep Brown (looks like leather!)


Bright Pink


Dark Hunter Green


In other news,  I have evidently neglected to post one of my new bracelets. I have no idea how this escaped me because I have it posted in many other places LOL This is called Emerald Isle.

Emerald Isle 1

Emerald Isle 2

Now that I have the camera deal working, my camera is broken!! Any sales would be appreciated so I can get another camera! LOL My goal is for a Canon Rebel XS or a Nikon D3000. They are both priced the same and for the money they are the very best! The other cameras we looked at were small cell phone size cameras and although they may be nice, I want a bit more control with options, especially now that I have a light tent!! LOL

I am working on a rather big piece and it is coming along…having to take breaks to help my Son out and rebuild his band website (which I also LOVE doing!) I am beading though, so don’t give up on me! LOL

I have classes coming up at Beads On The Kennebec for November. One of those is my little ‘claim to fame’–Ice Bracelet!

I have my new design all drawn out, I just have to finish the sample and take a pic for the cover, so stay tuned for my ‘Channeled Bracelet’!!


Click here

I have one entry so far from Ronit and it is now posted on my website! HERE

and growing Prize List! HERE ( I plan on getting more in November at my next Bead Fiesta!!

I feel like I had tons more to tell you, but alas, my brain is neglecting to remind me what it was. Have a great weekend everyone!


10 thoughts on “Celebrating 2 Year Blog!

  1. Congrats on two years! That’s awesome!

    I love the bracelet above. I NEED to learn how to do that! I NEED to!
    I think dark hunter green quills would be stunning!

  2. You kids had me worried! I didn’t think I was going to have any takers on a FREE thing LOL 2 years indeed flew by!! Slow down? OMG yes!! I waste a lot of time in my day..trust me! My pulse is slow, does that count? LOL I LOVE creators choice of colors! That always works!

    Dark green is beautiful in earrings!! I have made some before and LOVED them! You aren’t far away Linda heheehe 😉

  3. Huzzah! I be followin’ ye on FB, an’ now yer wonderful blog! Would love ta be winnin’….an purple sounds awesome!

    Keep up the good work! An’ I be glad ta hear ye got a new camera!! Huzzah again!

  4. 2 years! you mean I’ve been following for 2 years! wow – enjoyed every post 🙂 If the dark brown look like leather, that’s for me! Then again, I’m with you that Dark green is beautiful in earrings – hmmm…okay, I’ll go with the dark green. If, for some reason, they don’t look good on me I know someone who will adore them – if only because they’re green 🙂

  5. Christina….. !!!! Congrats girl… you are so awesome. I love the new bracelet. For me natural or dk brown you know my color choices… LOL

    Love, Deb
    ps go see my hammered cuff that i made in class Friday on fb…

  6. Congratulations on your 2 year blog! It is fun to read and see what your creative brain and fingers are up to. New pix and creations look wonderful! Black Dahlia!

    I am out of the running for quill earrings. My saggy face needs shorter earrings!

  7. Thanks Lauren! I will too put you in the running, if Dave draws your name, then I shall just make you something else. That goes for anyone else who wants to leave a comment, but doesn’t want quill earrings! And Lauren! Your face is far from saggy (but I happen to know what you like 😉 )

  8. Congrats on the 2 year blog anniversary. I think I would like indigo quill earrings , since I just happen to see an indigo snake out under the cedar tree today. LOL! They are so pretty.

    I am sad to admit I had forgotten about the contest. LOL! I need to check the deadline again and see if I have time to create something.

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