Just a reminder that I am giving away a pair of my quill earrings tomorrow night.  See previous post for details!!

8 New Etsy Listings!

The other day Dave and I were going to the movies and decided to kill some time in Target. So we poked around just looking at stuff and finally ended up in the electronics department.  There we saw a camera that was perfectly priced for us! So we bought it! A brand new Nikon D4o (last years model). We robbed ‘Peter to pay Paul’, but it is ours and it is a Godsend! So, I have been feverishly listing my new photos and jewelry I have never put on Etsy and retook some other pics so far. I am totally in love with how the photos are coming out! I welcome feedback!

new listings

Yesterday I hooked up with Mona, at ‘The Jewelry Connection‘. Dec 6th she would like to host a show about the Winner and all the entries of my Haute Couture Contest! You can see the details HERE.

Happy beading!


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