Quill Earring Winner

I would like to send formal congrats to Carol D. for winning my earrings!! I have to make them today so I can send them out tomorrow. I will post a pic when I finish them!! I have ‘free reign’ on making them too…hmmm what will I come up with??

I decided today was a great day to make another Etsy Mini. I thought I would feature some of the fabulous Artists from an Etsy group I belong to:: SATeam (aka Starving Jewelry Artists) LOVE their work!! I think I am one of a very small handful of seed beaders in that group. I have been with their fabulous forum since the beginning!

My Mini Treasury 2

From left to right::


I have a large piece underway and have run into a few ‘stumbling blocks’, so I am going to set that aside for now because I have tons of other mandatory work to do!! I posted a WIP pic the other day on Facebook, so anyone that saw that, that is the one I am referring to.

I have a few pieces I am going to work on this week in preparation for the upcoming Bead Fiesta show in Nov. Some of it is collaboration work and I have one custom order to produce for it as well (especially since she already paid me!! LOL HI Deb J from KanduBeads!!)  Today I am doing a freeform cuff bracelet for Sandy from The Bead’s Nest!!

Have a wonderful Thursday!!


4 thoughts on “Quill Earring Winner

  1. Lauren–yes, it was canceled! I am so bummed about that! I was really looking forward to another show here! Trying to compensate by listing new stuff on Etsy and all over the place LOL I could sure use a show right now too LOL Next one isn’t for a month and it is in W Springfield..

    Charlene, sorry you didn’t win! I had so few entries I even considered just doing a pair for everyone, but time won’t allow that right now. I may very likely have another ‘thingy’ like that going before Christmas! Thank you so much for being such a loyal follower!!


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