PBS:Craft In America

Dave happened across this show last night. I was totally enthralled! This show hit a very personal spot for me. In each segment I was able to relate on a very personal level. The pottery reminded me of my 2nd cousin, Catherine. She went to Haystack Mountain School of Crafts here in Maine when I was young. I remember driving to her school one evening to visit her and it was dark out and we went through many winding and twisting roads to get there. She was going to school for pottery. The segment on beading, of course, relates to me and my influence from Native American workmanship and style. The lamp working reminds me of the weekend we spent with Bev and Mike, from MacArts and watching them show Dave how to do this type of work. The weaving reminds me of my Mom. I grew up with a barn loom within a few feet of me in the full size dormer between my bedroom and my sisters.  My Mom always loved to dye fibers with natural elements.  I was also taught how to spin my own wool and somewhere in this house I have some antique carders! (not that I could do it now though LOL) The wrought iron reminds me of Dave. We have spoken many times about him doing this work and wishing we had the tools he needed (and the space). Dave was a welder for many years and he really enjoyed this type of work, so wrought iron is right up his alley! So, watch this show, or watch a segment or two (they have it portioned out to do that!) It is an hour very well spent!!



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