Trip Like I Do Cuff

I finished this piece yesterday with one of Sandy’s beautiful beads. She is a lamp worker and her website is: The Bead’s Nest. She makes very gorgeous beads! I snagged this one from her at the Cape Cod Bead Show and planned on trading her a finished piece for more of her beads, that way she could put it on her table to sell and show people what can be done with her work besides stringing.  I really enjoy doing that, it’s a win-win that way!

In any event, this piece is named ‘Trip Like I Do’. I named it after a song from The Crystal Method because it is so colorful and ‘psychedelic’ LOL Hope you like it! ( I might add, I am particularly fond of the images my new camera is taking!)

Trip Like I Do 1

Trip Like I Do 2

Trip Like I Do 3

Trip Like I Do 5

Trip Like I Do 4

it is posted on my Etsy and Artfire, just in case someone wants it 😉


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