Beaded Flowers

One of the latest topics in the Etsy Beadweavers Yahoo Group is about ‘Beaded Flowers’.  From what I have researched,  the French Beaded Flowers were the original ‘beaded flowers’ saying here:

According to references of beaded decorations, it is estimated that the art was practiced across Europe and England as early as the 1500’s. In an effort to support themselves, French and Italian peasants used to collect defective or discarded beads. The beads were then strung on wire and shaped in to flowers designs. The finished flowers were used in bouquets, alter displays and memorial wreaths.

Taken from here:

The more avid seed beaders I know are looking for more woven beaded flowers these days, as am I.  These flowers offer more in detail, depth and dimension. There have been several books written on this subject. Here is a list of what I have found: (Click on image to take to website)





herringbone stitch


Dimensional flowers in bead weaving seem to be far and few between. As I find more, I will add pages to this post!

There are also Kerrie Slade’s beautiful flowers:

and I even have a flower tutorial with a rivoli center that I put out this year (unpublished of course):

Here are some of the images of what I have made with my pattern ( I have made variations from my pattern in a few of these pics. The topaz flower is the same exact as the pattern. The close-ups will show you how I ‘spun off’ from the original pattern)

Black Dahlia 1

Topaz Flower 1

Lavender Ice 1

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!


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