My new piece is finished! I love it!

Cena 3

Cena 4

Cena 5

This morning when I got on the computer, I found out I was in a Treasury!! It has been quite a while, so that sure made my day! Thank you SFBeads.etsy.com !!!!

Treasury 102309

CONTEST REMINDER!!!! Can’t wait to see more submissions! You can send them in any time you like!


5 thoughts on “Cena

  1. Thank you ladies!!

    Deb-I got the stamping at one of my shows with Bead Fiesta. It was on a vendor table –VINTAJ. I have some more coming, but not from them. I can’t wait!

    Carol–Aren’t they awesome?! They offer up so many ideas it’s not funny LOL My poor brain! 😉

  2. Christina !!! Carol sent me a link and I bought 4 !!! vintage items… 3 of them are going to be made SOMEDAY and donated to rescues for auction… the other is for Cody but what I will do with it who knows… its big 3″ long…

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