Bead Fiesta This Weekend!

I am so excited because I haven’t had a Bead Fiesta (or any shows) for several months! YAY!!! This weekends show is in W. Springfield MA at the Clarion Hotel. The cool part is that it is a 2 day show this year. The last few years have been at The Big E Fairgrounds. Honestly, I am glad they went to a hotel!

I have accomplished some collaborations that have been hanging over my head for a few months now! YAY! (again)

This is a collaboration with Kim V. I had wanted to do a lot more with this piece, but every attempt failed, so I figured sometimes simplicity is indeed the best policy! This is one of her gorgeous lampworked cabs!

Kim V Heart

Next up is a collaboration with Laura from TorchSongs Glassworks and a trio of her diamond shaped dichroic cabs. She had asked for a cuff, so here it is:

new cuff

I just got in the mail, moments ago, THE most stunning cab!!! I will be buying from Sheila again from Tradewinds Studios out of NM!! (She even sent me an extra ‘goodie’ (cab)!!! )

Sonora Sunrise Cab

I was in a Treasury this past week! Thank you Little Stone Design!!

Treasury 30

I just finished a duplicate of ‘Sophronia’ (Sophronia 2) for another vendor friend of mine, Deb of Kandu Beads. She is almost done doing a major overhaul of her website, I have seen previews and it looks awesome!

Sophronia 2

Also a reminder that my Haute Couture Beading Contest is reaching its end! I do have another entry to post, but it has been an insanely crazy week, so I will share that and hopefully more next week! Hope to see some entries in my inbox over the weekend while I am out of town!

Everyone have a terrific weekend!! Getting colder and colder..brrr! Stop by my table and say hi (and/or buy something LOL) this weekend!  Ta-ta for now 😉


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