New Schtuff

First off, I would like to thank W. Springfield for the show this past weekend!! It was an interesting (personally) trip, but everything turned out ok. Had a few days of  ‘bad things that come in 3’s’ !! (car, heat/hw/debit card) –all the MAJOR 3’s LOL

In any case, my next stop is Sugarloaf USA!! I have a show there on Nov 21/22 and hopefully it will fall into Opening Weekend!! I am super excited about this show and have been beading my head off. I have 3 pieces done, almost 4, but  pics of 2, so I thought I would take this moment to share with you.

This bracelet is called ‘Frivolity’ and will be one of my new designs. I plan on having this out just after Christmas, unless I know I will have sales, then I will drop everything and ‘whip it up’.

Frivolity 1

This next one is my new ‘Channeled Bracelet’, this pattern is all together, I just need to make a cover for it. I have a silver one almost done too.

Gold Channeled Bracelet 1

There are 2 new entries to my contest, which is due in by Nov 20th!! The countdown has begun, so hurry people and get your entries in!! Here are the 2 new entries in case you haven’t seen them on my website!

Haute Couture Entry 2

Haute Couture Entry 3

Totally awesome entries!! I look forward to seeing more!!!

I found a terrific venue for vending that will carry me into Christmas. It is at the Public Market House at Monument Sq in Portland, ME. I am wanting to vend Black Friday and that following Saturday. I have already been approved, so I am super stoked!! I hope a few good days will lead to more days there, but I have to play it by ear and see, but the opportunity is one I cannot pass up.  I have one other possibility, but I am not certain quite yet and that one is in Falmouth.

Have a great night! Midnight here, more pics tomorrow..that I can promise 😉


4 thoughts on “New Schtuff

  1. Wow, lots of good stuff in this post. Both of your pieces are unique. You are so busy and still come up with new designs.

    The entries for your challenge are spectacular.
    xx, Carol

  2. Thanks Carol! I am super psyched cause I just got another entry this morning too!! YAY!!

    My new design ‘Frivolity’ was just an accident, but isn’t then usually when good things happen? LOL I actually have alot to design this Winter..hope I can pull it off 😉

  3. Hi Lauren..I am contemplating a week long set up in Falmouth at the old Rite Aid in the Shopping Plaza. I am also trying to get space at Monument Sq at the Public Market House and I am trying to decide if one would be better than another, and if I can afford to do both of them. I have my space approved in Portland, just impatiently waiting to find out if they accept the days I want or not…..I haven’t heard back (I HATE THAT!) I emailed and said what days I wanted and how do I pay and gave them my phone number…and nothing…. (grrr)

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