Sugarloaf Show Photos

Alas, the weekend at Sugarloaf didn’t turn out as anyone had hoped, for the mere reason that there was no snow for any skiers to be there. Mother Nature failed us. LOL So now, I am busting my butt to get things online and of course, I had to start changing my website all around. That is going to take me a while, but I hope you will love the end result. It was approved by 3 people before I did it ( Mom, Robynne and Dave), so if you don’t like it, then it is their fault hahaha Here are some images from last weekend! I loved my table this show, all festive. I was super tired when we set up because I had been beading like a mad woman for 2 weeks preparing for the show. I should have flipped my table around so the clothes did the right thing, but I was so tired, the brain wasn’t thinking. I slept 12 hours Saturday night!!


Eaton’s Raku Pottery

Lia Sophia

Mainely Alpaca

Mainely Cats


Send Out Cards

Sunshine Pools

Uniquely Music

Upcountry Snowshoes

There were other vendors, but the photos didn’t come out good and 3 vendors left after the first day!! Sorry, I find that to be very unprofessional and thankfully, I don’t know who they were, otherwise I might tell you LOL  Just because a show is not doing well, doesn’t mean you leave. The next day may be a winner and certain customers may have been looking for them, you just never know.

It was nice to meet everyone though and my biz card did go out and you don’t know where those land 😉


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