Treasuries & Such

I have been in a Treasury for a few days..YAY!! Great theme!! LOL

and I created a Treasury!! I about fainted, I sure did not expect to be able to get one!

I am officially going to be at Public Market House next Friday and Saturday, would love to see some of my local people there!!! If all goes well, I shall do the following ‘weekend’ as well! The Falmouth Holiday Boutique fell through. I am on the waiting list, but have now committed to the Market House, so I will be unable to attend, even if they get back a hold of me for the waiting list. I had to get something confirmed! I am going to have to rethink my December for next year! I can’t just stay home! There are sooo many local shows in December around here, and I am sure everywhere else too!

Tomorrow (Sunday), I am going to be on The Jewelry Connection show with Mona. I am not a fan of speaking ‘publicly’, call me shy, even though Mona is such a terrific person and so easy to get along with. I still get nervous! I used to take ‘F’s’ in school if I had to ever present anything to class up in front! WOULD NOT DO IT! Yet, I also teach beading classes…that is different though!  With age, you learn to suck things up LOL

I have a new piece that will be done a little later today! It is called ‘Sugarplum’ and it SPARKLES!!! Dave had a lot to do with the layout of the pendant!! He is so fun!

Have a terrific weekend everyone!!


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