2nd Annual Beading Contest

I really should be posting more often because then it is a jumble of things to tell you! and it is today too LOL First off, I am officially announcing my



You have almost 1 whole year, so chop chop, get to it!! Drop me some amazing bead embroideries!! or whatever you like LOL  The prize list should be extra large this year too! I already have 2 contributions (although I don’t know what they are yet LOL) and plenty more to come….see details on the link above!

Next up, I was in an really cool North Woods inspired Treasury the last few days! Thank you littlestonedesign!!

and last but not least, my new piece called ‘SUGARPLUM’

and that is totally for sale HERE

I am working on a UFO (UnFinished Object) and it is taking me what seems like forever!!! Hopefully that will be posted in the new few days!

I would also like everyone to know that I will be at the PUBLIC MARKET HOUSE at 28 Monument Square in Portland, ME this FRIDAY & SATURDAY!! (2nd floor) Come see me and buy some sweet gifts for your friends and family!!

Have a marvy day!!!


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