2010 is Upon Us

and I have a feeling it is going to be a really good, but incredibly busy year, after all my 2010 horoscope for the year includes the word “PROSPEROUS” –I bet everyone’s does, but I will accept as it is meant just for me heeheh

I have been selling my work a lot lately and I am beyond grateful for that and I thank you my fine customers with exquisite taste LOL

I just finished a new piece called Violet Rivoli Mandala. It is basically a spin from my pattern, Rivoli Twist Pendant.

I have been working on beading up some new designs and so far, I have possibly 2 pairs of earrings to design up and one bracelet. In my efforts to clean my table off to get to the layers underneath, I keep getting ideas…it’s driving me crazy, but good for you LOL

Jean Hutter of Totally Twisted Beaded Jewelry, bought and finished my Venus Pattern. It is beautiful and I added her image and link to her shop on my pattern page. Anyone who makes one of my designs, just email me a nice clear photo and I will do the same for you!!

I have been in many Treasuries lately as well. I think posting frequently on Etsy is helping a lot.

Thank you everyone who has included me in a Treasury!!

Today I took new pics of my Fringed V Necklace Pattern, so that is now available for sale as a PDF file!

Click on the image to go to my website. I sell my patterns and jewelry on both Etsy and my website, but honestly, if you buy from my website, it would save me fees on Etsy.  I take PayPal as well, as a matter of fact, I think purchasing from my website is even easier that Etsy.

I am also still working really hard on my website, it is a long and grueling process LOL I am lovin it though!! I am also working on my schedule for this coming year and it is slowly growing.  I have a possible very very cool local venue coming up and I will hopefully know soon and I can’t wait to tell you all!

I wish you all a safe and wonderful New Year! I hope it is a better year for all of us and prosperity flows into everyone’s lives!


4 thoughts on “2010 is Upon Us

  1. Christina… Violet Rivoli Mandala is beautiful… Love the colors you have chosen for it… Congrats on all your treasuries !!! and I know next year will be a fabulous one for you… We need to get you to Pasadena Bead & Design Show… my offer is still open…

    Happy New Year !!!!!

    Love, Deb

  2. I simply wanted to add a comment here to say thanks for you very nice ideas. Blogs are troublesome to run and time consuming therefore I appreciate when I see well written material. Your time isn’t going to waste with your posts. Thanks so much and carry on You’ll defintely reach your goals! have a great day!

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