Blue Fairy & Cherub

I finished a piece recently and actually meant to post it by now, no rest for the weary LOL I had trouble with this because I wanted more, but then went for simplicity. The fused glass cabochon is from my friend Laura from Torchsongs Glassworks.  It was one of the pieces I traded her cuff for when I did the collaboration with her. It is already on its way to a nice new home 😉

I finished this piece the other day, Cherub.  I ended up redoing the ‘straps’ many times, but in the end it came out great….I think anyway 😉  A friend of mine tried it on yesterday and she said it was really comfortable and it looked great on her, too bad I didn’t have my camera with me LOL

I am currently working on a piece with a heart shaped Czech button I bought a little bit ago. This one will be a little different than my ‘norm’, whatever that is LOL  I am loving it so far!

I have been in a few Treasuries lately, one I forgot to get so I swiped it from Susan herself LOL

Thank you Ladies very much!!

I have much on my plate and to-do list:

  • Work on website
  • Start/finish entry for Fire Mountain Gems Contest
  • Work on items for the NAMI Art Walk, Portland, ME, May 8th and if anyone is interested in this, please email me for a PDF app
  • Finish up a few new patterns I have going for you all
  • Make up some kits for the Sturbridge Bead Fiesta
  • and last but not least…oh I can’t tell you yet! HA! 😉

Have a wonderful day my beady friends!


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