Do-Hickey Rings

Here is another version of my Do-Hickey’s! Rings! I will be kitting these up and designing the pattern for them, probably next week. Would love to this week, but as it turns out I have a show this coming Friday night!!!  Click on the image below to go to their website! I am going to see about doing this every month!! I am so excited!

Here are my Do-Hickey Rings!

I have been in 3 Treasuries this week! Thank you my friends for including me!!

and since I never can get Treasuries, nor have time to wait for them to pop up, I have finally found the Poster Sketch link, so I will make some up randomly and add them here and on my Facebook. This one is all in greens and teals and features all Etsy Beadweavers this time around  😉

I have every reason to believe that Bead Fiesta for Danbury Feb 7th has been canceled, although their website doesn’t reflect this. If anyone was looking forward to seeing me, as much as I them, my apologies! BUT, for all my locals, please come see me Friday night! Is going to be alot of fun! My Son is coming too and he is friends with the band playing, ‘Blisters Grow’ and they have even opened for one of his shows before, so hopefully, I can also get him a gig out of this, which would be beyond cool!

I am working hard on a Valentine’s piece and am hoping it will be done for my show this Friday! I also apologize because my website is still very very far from being finished! I have this Valentine’s piece to work up, then finish my black and fuschia piece and then I have to start and finish my Fire Mountain Gems entry!!! THEN,  I can focus on website/kits/upcoming shows!!

Have a marvy day everyone!!


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