Heart of Blue

Here is my latest work. I struggled with this piece for a little while and am now happy with the results.  Just in time for Valentine’s too! It’s a little different than my usual work, but I like to keep you all on your toes LOL

2 new Treasuries of late…thank you my friends!!

Thank you to a friend of mine, I was able to order Microsoft Office Pro 2007 and it should be shipped out and received this week! What does this mean to you?? ALOT! This means I have new patterns on the way!!! As soon as I get it, I will start my journey on new designs! This also means much much for me personally on a business level. I am very very excited!! (and sick of downloading/expired trials LOL)

I have also decided to finally get a newsletter off the ground. Many have signed up for it in my website guestbook and I have never done an official mailing, so I am excited to get that going!

I have recently been able to purchase some gorgeous new cabochons and a few other things and my inspiration is overflowing! I have 3 pieces to finish before I can dig in to the new goodies.

I have started a secret page on my website…Works In Progress ! Hope you enjoy it, I will be adding photos daily! I have also vowed to add 2 pieces of jewelry to my website every day to get it full again. I have gotten slack about it and have tons to add! No particular order either, whatever strikes me, so long as progress is made LOL

I had a great time last Friday night at the Biddeford Art Walk, let me tell you! The Artists in there are phenomenal! The town of Biddeford is trying really hard to bring that town into a who’s who of Artists and doing very well! I do have to say, Final Fridays in Biddeford smoked First Friday’s in Portland!!!!! I highly recommend anyone to come and I would also say get there at 5PM sharp if you can, there is a lot to look at!!!! I was interviewed for Biddeford Public Acess too! I blushed for a half hour afterward! LOL If I ever find the link when it is posted anywhere, I will show you 😉

If anyone is interested, I am organizing the Art part of NAMI Art Walk this Summer on May 8th on Portland’s own Back Bay.

If you are interested in walking, sponsoring my Niece, Alanah, who attends UMF and is studying Psychology or are interested in being a Vendor: Click here

NAMI Art Walk Application (PDF)

So a lot going on and loving it! Have a wonderful day!


2 thoughts on “Heart of Blue

  1. Amazing new piece! It is a work of art. Reminds me of Egyptian revival. I saw the King Tut exhibit in San Francisco in October. Glad to hear Biddeford was good!

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