Diamond Earrings

or rather, the closest to diamond earrings I will ever get LOL  (wouldn’t want real ones anyway, just not my style hehe) Dave brought me home some amazing ‘cabochons’ the other day and since I have been fretting about my Fire Mountain Gems contest piece, I thought I would call it a day and make some earrings with these new ‘cabochons’ LOL So here they are, I absolutely love the cabs!!! wait and see all the other ones I have!!

They are for sale HERE, they haven’t made it to my website yet LOL

I have been in 2 Treasuries lately…yay!! Thank you!

Gearing up for my show at the end of the month in Biddeford, not that I have anything to do for it, just get excited! LOL The priority right now is getting this contest piece done. I should have a WIP progress pic posted at the end of today, no matter how far along I am, which won’t be much to look at…yet! I have had to reformulate all my original thoughts on this one, but after the last few days of scheming, I think I will end up liking it just fine.

Bead Fiesta in Sturbridge is coming up. The classes are still not posted, but they are:



Have  a wonderful Valentine’s day!!


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