I decided on a Gaelic name for this piece since we are so close to St Patrick’s Day and the piece is green 😉 It even seems appropriate for the piece, at least to me LOL  The cabochon used in this is exquisite!  It is A+ grade natural Seraphinite. I had never seen it before and it is so pretty! The photo when I bought it seemed much bluer,  but it came to me green. I think I know someone who would love this piece and looks terrific in green! Huh Lauren? LOL

It is for sale HERE and there are a few more images.

Biddeford Art Walk this weekend!Lots of awesome vendors! Click the logo banner to go to their website!

Sturbridge, MA Bead Fiesta is coming up quickly too, March 14th! woohooo

Have a great day!


4 thoughts on “Morrigan

  1. Hmmmmmm… I read about the healing properties of this stone. It sounds like a good stone to have in ones jewelry medicine chest, not to mention beautiful to wear! I wondered when you were going to make some more dark green things. I am thinking about it………!

  2. Thank you Carol & Lauren. Was hoping you might like this one Lauren 😉 I checked on the healing properties and you are right, this would be a good one in your ‘medicine chest’! Good idea, I think I will start to include the props in my descriptions! Going to go add that descrip. now 😉

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