Freebie Bracelet Pattern-Art Deco

cause I felt like it  😉 Hope you like it! I would love to have images of this done and I will put it on my website, along with the previous one!! ‘Save image as’ after you have clicked on it to the biggest size, it may open in other window.

OR available as a PDF file here: Art Deco Bracelet

I finished the Tapered Bracelet from the other day–lovin it!


22 thoughts on “Freebie Bracelet Pattern-Art Deco

  1. Be still my beating heart!

    How beautiful! I’m such an Art Deco Whore. Got your addy from my Yahoo Group (Beadchat) and am forever grateful…

    You now have me as a fan and follower.

    Thank you for the beauty!

    AArdvaark Bead Designs
    Katy, TX

  2. Hi
    Love this bracelet, can it be done on a loom, and how do you taper the ends, I am learning so do not have a clue, lol.


  3. Hi June, I am sorry to tell you that this is definitely not a beginner bracelet. This is done in peyote, so no no loom.


  4. Oh, my goodness. This is the most beautiful bracelet I have ever seen !!!! I love the colors. Hope I can do this….I HAVE TO DO THIS! Thank you for sharing.

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