Sundaze Bracelet

HI everyone! Hope you all are having a nice sunny day like I am! I finished the peyote cuff bracelet I was working on the other day and have made a Kit and Pattern available! I am very happy about it and plan to do more…soon.

I know many of you love to shop on Etsy, as I do, but I sure would love it if when you purchase from me, you would purchase from my website. I take PayPal there as well, same process applies. Etsy fees kill if you sell a lot on it! 😉

I have a show tomorrow! YAY! The monthly Biddeford Art Walk! Would love to see some of you there!

I am gearing up for many shows and some classes at Beads On The Kennebec coming up! I just signed on for 4 classes through September with them (details soon) or watch my Schedule.  It is ever growing! LOL

I am still accepting apps for NAMI Art Walk!! Matter of fact, right up until a week before!!! Click on the link to fill out the app and see who all is vending there…so far! To make it easy for you, we accept PayPal payments and you can scan the app and email it right to me, don’t even have to leave the computer chair! 😉  AND—don’t forget Glenn Close WILL be there! (yippee yippeee!)

Have a wonderful and hopefully sunny day!!!


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