Needing Assistance

**UPDATE 4/6/10**

An Anonymous donor has generously donated the rest of the beads I need. I thank you all for your assistance very much!!!!

I am copy/pasting this from my Facebook wall:

HI bead buddies! I am calling on my friends to assist me in a project! Glenn Close is coming to Maine in May as part of a national partnership between her BringChange2Mind Foundation and NAMI Walks. She is kicking this partnership off right here in Maine! I want to bead her a special gift since I am organizing the Art part of the NAMI Art Walk. I made this graph for an amulet from one of her images I found on the internet. I made it originally with only a few colors and it just looked crummy. So I hit the palette to use ALL Delicas and see how it came out, and WOW what a difference!!!! There is only one small(?) problem. I cannot begin to afford all these tubes of colors! Many of them are for a SINGLE bead to be used. This is what I am asking for (see list below) and in turn, I will make up a gift card to her and anyone who donates a single bead to me will get mentioned on the card, personal name and business name!!! I will scan the gift card so all who donate can see what I am giving her, to insure your name is on it (proof of me doing what I say I will do, in other words LOL). So if you are willing, please go through your stash to see if you have any of the following colors (I need to know soon though cause this one will take me a few weeks to put together) and if I can’t get most of these, I cannot afford to do it on my own 😉 :

Current Contributors:

Jan Atherton
Terri Terreault
Mona Peepers Ahleman
Laurie Jamieson
Karen Gill
Jacquie Carlson
Marsha Lynn Wiest-Hines

If you can help, email me at and let me know what you have. I will check to make sure someone hasn’t donated that in the meantime and send you my address as well. I appreciate any and all help you can give me!


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