Monday and Tons To Tell

Last week I received a ‘congrats’ email for being the Winner of the ‘Social Market for a Mirrix’. I was and still am amazed and so excited about this! I decided on the 16″ Mirrix because I am ambitious and one day down the road I may want to weave some Tapestry on it! or really large beaded tapestries 😉

I got it yesterday and it is gorgeous!!I went and hung out at Caravan Beads while the Owner of Mirrix, Claudia Chase, gave lessons to the Ladies that work there, so I sat in and watched how to warp it with no shedder and with the shedder. Very cool! I will be making my beginning video later today and will probably post it tomorrow. I already have a split loom design ready to go, so this first piece will be easier and getting accustomed to the loom, so I will not be using the shedder devise my first time out.

On other notes: Bead Fiesta will be having its last show in Warwick, R.I on April 25. Be there to help us celebrate a wonderful 7 years with Bead Fiesta and buy gorgeous goods you may not see around for a while.

I will be at the Biddeford Art Walk on April 30.

NAMI Art Walk is closing in as well and I will be starting the amulet for Glenn Close towards the end of the week. I am waiting for the last shipment of beads that were donated. I am really excited to start this too!

I have much much on my plate right now and am attempting to also lose some weight..can’t stand it anymore 😉 I am going to be busy busy for the next few weeks …lovin it! Have a great day! I do have a new piece to publish that has been done for a week, will get that up asap LOL


One thought on “Monday and Tons To Tell

  1. God Christina!!
    How can you NOT lose weight! You are not going to have time to put your hand to your mouth!!

    I’ll be interested to watch your videos. I always wondered how working on a REAL loom would be.
    xx, Carol

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