Swirling Butterflies Split Loom WIP and other schtuff

Good morning friends, followers and stalkers (aka spammers) LOL I have an earful to tell you today! First of all, I started my split loom piece with the Mirrix Loom and what a love it is! I was up accidentally until 2am this morning weaving on the loom. I have about 16 rows done and a bazillion to go LOL Below is a pic of the piece I am doing and what I have done so far.

Claudia, the Owner of Mirrix, blogged about our day at Caravan Beads this past Sunday! How cool!

I am really excited to do this piece, I have a love affair with split loom pieces 😉 This is a pic of the first one I ever did, with no instruction I might add.I wish I had a better pic, but this was back when I first started beading and had my old camera. I sold it not long after I did it.

I made a ‘quickie’ necklace the other day using one of the cabochons I bought from Sue Rose of Rosebudlia. She is a sweetheart, you all should order from her. She is from the UK and I received the package in no time at all. Paypal converts the money exchange too 😉

I have a few other pieces going all at the same time. One of them is a cuff bracelet that will be in the form of a Kit, like the Sundaze Cuff I made. This is what the new one will look like:

Going as fast as I can! To see other peyote cuffs I have designed, but not done up yet, go HERE They are for sale too.

Also, and hopefully today, I will receive the rest of the beads for the Glenn Close Amulet! That is going to be fun and time consuming and I am very excited to get that started!  And speaking of NAMI, I did have some very disturbing news last night! This news left me swearing worse than any sailor! LOL I found out that $30. of the $50. for booth space is going to have to go to the City of Portland to line their precious pockets! This to me is stealing candy from a baby and I am livid! All the booth fees were supposed to go to this Charity!! I have written our local TV WMTW and also plan on writing to the Portland Press Herald. This just makes me completely ill! If I could have spun my head around like the girl in the Exorcist and spoken in ancient tongues when I got that news, I probably would have!

Onto other events. I have several shows coming up:

April 25–the last ever Bead Fiesta in Warwick, RI

April 30-Biddeford Art Walk in Biddeford, ME

May 2–Gardens of Atlantis Art/Craft Fair in Dayton, ME

May 8–NAMI Art Walk in Portland, ME (Back Cove)

I got tired setting up my displays in my head just typing that LOL

Rock & Gem show this weekend in Portland!! wooohooo!

I think that is all for right now. I do need to ask a favor, cross your fingers for me and make a wish of happy things to come, not sure if this is going to happen and I cannot say. Opportunity has knocked and I have answered the door, now I just patiently wait for the sky to open and the sea to part. This is a BIGGIE!!  I cannot elaborate nor wish to jinx myself…..stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Swirling Butterflies Split Loom WIP and other schtuff

  1. I recently completed a loom for Linda. It is fashioned after a tapestry loom so I find the split loom process very interesting. It will be a long time before we can make something as wonderful as the work you do though. Thank you for the inspiration.

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