Warp Speed

(Pun intended LOL)

I have been diligently working on my Mirrix loom the last few days. I am having so much fun it isn’t even right LOL  I said on the Inside Mirrix blog this morning that I truly believe to be a well rounded beader one should own a loom and I sincerely believe that! Here are my latest photos of my progress:

This has been such a fun experience with such a professional piece of equipment. Dave always says that work is easier when you have THE very best tools and the RIGHT tools!  I have been trying to think of ways to finish the warp threads at the end and have come up with nothing other than what I know to do and that is to just weave them in one at a time. I recall Claudia saying that it warps the piece to weave in the threads. So I shall have to speak to her further when I am nearing done. I didn’t have that experience the first piece I did, so I have research to do and questions to ask LOL

The LAST official BEAD FIESTA with the current owners is this weekend in Warwick, RI !!


4 thoughts on “Warp Speed

  1. Cool! Its really turning out very nicely. Its certainly a beautiful piece. Dave is so right about having the right tools. Terry says that ALL the time. I know the next blub out of his mouth will be something about whatever he needs to buy. HAS to buy. WILL NO LIVE WITHOUT! AW, so what, huh.

    Glad you got the opportunity to do this marketing venture.

  2. This is really looking wonderful!
    I have never tried this type of loom, but from what I read, and in your photograph, it seems that you must use more warp thread then with any other loom. Is that another row of warps wrapped around the back?
    The colors of your design are great! I can’t wait to see more!

  3. LOL Men, huh Carol ..too funny!! Glad you like the piece. I am having so much fun and I hope I am doing everything right as for the marketing for Mirrix! Haven’t heard anything, so I guess I am on the right track LOL

    Erin, HI! Yeah the way the loom is warped, it wraps around back on the bar. I have never had such a tight warp though and man, what a difference that can make! Did you apply for this contest? I was thinking of you when I applied 😉

  4. I see, seems like tons of thread used! Tension truly is everything when looming! Looking wonderful! No, I didn’t enter….not even sure I know what you are talking about. Contest to test a loom? Glad you won!

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