Mirrix Loom Video

Since I spoke to you all last, much has happened. I did up my 1st video for the Mirrix Loom the other day! YAY!! The more I do, the better they will be and the more comfortable I will be too. I still haven’t figured out how to get my driver on my computer with Vista, I have ideas, but they are painstaking, and that is to manually get rid of the virus on my other computer…yikes! In any case, here is the video:

I have more ideas for the videos I will be providing. Next video will be of my taking this off the loom and what I am going to do with the thread ends.  I should be done this week and take that off.  I can’t even wait to start the finishing process and add the fringe!  I have been trying to think of what to do next…still thinking  😉

I have also finished the front piece of the Glenn Close amulet.

I am beyond proud of this and hopefully this will also be done this weekend! I picked up the back of the amulet beads yesterday (or rather Dave did LOL)

This Friday night, I will be at the Biddeford Art Walk and on Sunday, I will be at the Gardens of Atlantis in Dayton! Busy weekend and the weather is supposed to be fantastic! woohoo!!


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