Glenn Close Amulet Bag

Hi everyone, I would like to share my latest accomplishment. I finally finished the amulet bag I am gifting to Glenn Close this Saturday at the NAMI/Bring Change 2 Mind charity event, where I will also be vending  😉

This photo is completely unedited right now, but when I edit it I will replace it here. I am very happy with how it turned out. I thought twisted fringe on the bottom would look really nice, but since I have never made it and wasn’t sure if I had enough beads, I opted for simplicity so as not to take away from the face. The beads on the bottom are real pearls, Swarovski crystals and bone beads. The strap is a simple rope in odd count peyote that measures 34″ long, so as to wear over the shoulder and on the hip. The bag itself is 3″ x 4″ .

I could NOT have done this piece without the help of all my bead friends who donated their Delicas to the cause!!! I appreciate and am VERY grateful for their help and generosity–more than I can say! I will be making a gift card on Friday listing all the contributors and putting it inside the pouch for Ms Close to see when she gets it.

On other notes, I have the split loom piece off the loom (and made a video of my taking it off, which I will have available next week). I wove in many of the threads and am going to finish working on it today and will take ample photos of it as I go. My next piece on the loom is going to be a brow band for my Bianca’s horse bridle. I should by then have the video going. I tried to make it work this week and have gone to great lengths to make videos and have been held up by technology and all things that change daily in the tech-y world. I am relentless and WILL make things work! (I think we are going to have to rent a more updated video camera is all). Here is how the piece is looking as of right now:

Have a great day! Next post will be of this piece all done  😉


6 thoughts on “Glenn Close Amulet Bag

  1. Christina… you have outdone yourself. Maybe you can have someone (Dave?) videotaoe when you present it to her… we your adoring fans and friends would love to see that… Also have enjoyed watching the loom piece come together…

    Many happy customers to you this weekend !!!

    Love, Deb

  2. oh WOW Chris…I’ve been out of commision for the last week or so and just saw your Glenn Close bag and your loom piece. They are both absolutely fantastic! You are amazing!!


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