Weaving In Warp Threads

I know there are shortcuts, but I still have trouble imagining that there is a quick easy process for this. Erin Simonetti of Beads, Beading, Beaded will have a book out soon with her ‘gift to the world’ of easily ridding these threads. In the meantime, while I wait, I will show you photos of the only way I am familiar withย  ๐Ÿ˜‰ This has to be done carefully and cannot be pulled tight, just gently, otherwise you will have the beads shifting and making all your hard work look bad! Czech beads have a hard time with accommodating all the extra threads, been there, done that! This piece uses all Delicas and I did not run into any problems at all. The images will show you one of the threads as I wove it in.

Then snip close to your work. The next pic is with all the warp threads on the bottom woven in.

As it stands right now, I have the edging on half of this piece and one side of the clasp. Now that we have the video and the comp stuff all worked out, I will be making a video for the other side of the clasp and showing you the edging I am putting on the piece. It is coming out beautifully and I love it! it is so soft too! I thought it might be stiff using Delicas, but not at all! Perfect looming beads!

Happy Mother’s Day to ALL!


7 thoughts on “Weaving In Warp Threads

  1. It’s just so beautiful! You’ve done a marvelous job with it, thank you for letting us see your work in action!

  2. Christine, thanks for mentioning my site! I admire what you have created and remember being in the same position, having to ‘thread each and every warp’ to hide. Out of frustration, I worked on other ways to complete the same process without the added work…being a Mechanical Engineer’s Daughter! You have been inspiring my direction for this book, since you started this project. Once again, I am making another change, because of this very posting.

    The next few days I will be completing two ‘commissions’, a ring and a cuff. After those are sent off, I will start a ‘split loom necklace’, something I have ‘never’ loomed before. However, I see in my mind, how my techniques can be used to finish a ‘split loom’ and never ever have to re-thread a needle to hide warps! I will be taking ‘step by step’ photos and publish these techniques as soon as possible. You made me think that there are so many ‘bead looming interventions’ needed, why not start publishing them per ‘item loomed’? You need a ‘Split Loomed Necklace’ Intervention, girl!

    Once that is complete, I will send you a copy, asking that you now try out the method I outlined. Your beading and designs are gorgeous, but I also think we can have you cranking out many more, faster and often, for us to oogle over!!!

  3. Thanks Carol!! Glad to be able to share!

    You are most welcome for mentioning you Erin, you are the ultimate go to on looming, so naturally I would mention you ๐Ÿ˜‰ Although most ‘creatives’ have a more right brain than left brain, I tend to be straight down the middle (after brief testing) and have one extra point to the right LOL BUT I still cannot wrap my brain around what can possibly be done other than what I am doing. I will see your book and slap myself in the forehead and say why didn’t I think of that?!?! LOL I am from creative blood and Criminal Investigator blood, no engineering here haha
    I am very happy that I can inspire you in your direction! My next 2 videos that I am uploading will probably have you driving to Maine for this intervention that you speak of ..LMAO!
    I can’t wait to see copy! I will gladly guinea pig! I am a good guinea pig hehe I would have cranked out a bit faster, but I had like 20 other projects in heavy mid stream when I took on this commitment ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Thanks for your comment! I cherish them!

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  5. Hi, it may sound stupid but why do we need the warping bars?
    i’m a 4Th year product design student in Paris, France, working on looms, and i just can’t figure out why we need the bar!
    If the loom is mobile and allows tension is there any need for the bar?
    Please help me, my project is due tomorrow!
    Thanks a lot!

  6. hey mom i have a question for you how do i find a the picture of me on your thingy todays the day when im going to merders for the Christmas party and go to the Flaritys for there Christmas party and then tomorrow im going to go with auntie and gram to go cut down are Christmas tree and then at 11:00 Nick is picking me and Sonja to go to the movies to see Harry Potter and the Half blood prince so i have a busy weekend so you can call me on Monday or Tuesday talk to you later bye

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