Mirrix Loom Videos

After much chaos about the computer/Vista/outdated camcorder, I had no sound after I got that all worked out..typical huh? After a few days of Dave messing with the wires and plugs and me pushing buttons, somehow the sound miraculously came on..no idea what I pushed, but who cares, we have it ALL together now LOL Now we are video taping fools! hehe That was a great part of why it took me so long to finish this piece! waiting for equipment to fall into place. I could have finished long before, but did other UFO’s in lieu of waiting, so I present 3 videos and the final product! The first video is ‘how to’ do the closure I did on this piece.

This one is of the edging I did on the piece.

and this one is of me Warping the Loom

and this is the final product. it is so soft and flowing and sparkles like crazy!! I am super happy with how it came out!!

I have started another piece and I will do another blog entry later today. I have the graph and several WIP pics to share with you. Have a great day everyone!


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