Talutah Choker

This is the new piece I am doing on the Mirrix Loom. I named it ‘Talutah’ which is a Sioux name meaning ‘blood red’..appropriately enough LOL I think I have been loving the orange lately  😉 I needed more color on my table! I designed this several years ago and took this opportunity to do it up, I have more that have been done for ages too and will probably pull them out of my pattern archive as we go, after all, you are all stuck with me for 2 more months on the looming hehehe Here is my design, I had to make a few alterations as I went because some places were not perfect on both sides:

here is how it looked the first night:

and last night I took it off from the loom and made a video to go with it:

Today, among other things, I will try to finish it! Have a great day!


One thought on “Talutah Choker

  1. Hi Christen, I’m sorry if I haven’t spelled your name correctly. I’m a new friend another bead weaver. I like your blog. I hope you have the time to look at my work. It’s on my facebook page.

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