of Late..

It’s Friday! YAY! Not sure why I am happy about it, it is really just another day and not like I work weird hours in a job I hate and most jobs you have to work weekends anyway LOL  But for those 9-5’ers..it IS Friday! Back to my YAY! I have had a crazy busy week. I have been working on my choker and posting patterns I have made on my website, mostly peyote cuffs and a slew of amulets, now to work on the brick stitch cuffs.

The choker is coming along terrifically! I am very pleased! I had to work out  a few details as I encountered them, but I prevailed…phhhheeeeewww

Not sure what my next Mirrix project will be, but my daughter wants to go through my beads this weekend and pick colors, so it may very well be the brow band for her horses bridal…finally LOL

Memorial Weekend I am going to have my display out for 3 days at my neighbors antique shop (in her yard), The Gift Horse. I am going to work on that graphic this weekend for the ad in the local paper. I also have a secret project I need to work on this coming weekend that I cannot reveal until September, and let me tell you, this is a hard secret to keep!

I have a class next weekend in Augusta at the Beads on the Kennebec and have 9 students already! So awesome!

So have a great and safe weekend everyone, I shall be back soon 😉


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